No Force, No Rush

It’s been a strenuous few days. I’ve been trying to get as many hours as I can at work between two venues and it’s been draining. It’s also costing me more money than it’s making on the weeks I don’t get paid. I try not to focus on that, because I know that energy causes anxiety. I’m also in process of locking down another great opportunity which I hope to share later.

I haven’t been in the gym working out, but the workout I’ve been getting doing this venue tear down has been crazy! All the lifting, pushing, pulling and stacking had me feeling as sore as my first couple weeks back lifting weights.

I finally got time for a family day. Something that I hardly ever get a chance to do. It was great! So great that I want to document the story in a better way than casually in this blog post.

There hasn’t been new content on here and I apologize for that. I needed physical and mental rest. My body was telling me “Alright Cam. Time to pack it in for a min.” So I’m taking time for myself, so I can rest and get my wheels back turning so I can give you all my best with this pen or these keys. I don’t want to just put out anything. I want to show nothing but quality cause I take my writing seriously. I have many ideas and concepts. It’s all about making them sound cool enough to visualize with your mind. Talk soon.