When You’re Doing Health All Wrong

Today’s workout goal took a crazy left turn. I learned some interesting revelations about myself physically today and I must admit it’s alarming. I’ve been sick with a cold for about the last 5 days straight. I was feeling pretty decent as far as my sickness yesterday, but noticed my back felt really bad. I was standing and walking like Kurt Angle, which I didn’t realize until I was watching him on RAW last night. I felt as bad as he looked so I wasn’t as mobile as I would have like to had been most of the day.

Today, I was feeling about 85-90% as far as my cold was concerned. Even my hacking had went down drastically. Problem is my back was still feeling terrible! So I told myself no matter what, I’m at least getting on the elliptical in the fitness center today. I made good on that proclamation. I put in 1 mile, hopped off and felt absolutely horrible immune system wise. I felt drained, queazy, delirious and nauseous all at the same time. However, I can’t deny how much better my back started feeling. So then, I tried to complete my back and bicep workout. I didn’t get past doing 2 sets of dumbbell curls, before I had to hang it up and just head home.

What I can say about the above is, it was my fault. I have a bad habit of “eating what’s in the house” and “eating quick” at the same time. I grabbed some almonds, a handful of grapes, a small bag of plain chips and that was essentially my “pre workout meal”. It was also the only thing I ate this morning. I know, foolish beyond measure. After the workout I probably sweated all that out plus some of what I didn’t have in me and still attempted to push which based on how I felt was a big mistake. It was obviously not a great thinking day for me.

With all that said, I’ve come to a harsh revelation. I’m reaching that point in life where physical activity needs to be apart of my everyday lifestyle. My body literally feels different if I don’t get a run in or lift weights or just take a walk if possible. I must break a sweat and get some form of exercise so I won’t stiffen up and be sore. I don’t think I can go 5 days with no activity and be good anymore. I also realized that me “eating anything” and maintaining is coming to an end. I need full nourishing meals to keep me going sun up to sun down. I’m not the invincible teen I used to be and I need to step it up in regards to taking care of myself.

I’ve been in pursuit of a consistent, healthier lifestyle for about 4 years now. With every year comes new revelation and new progress. I know I’ve been sick with a cold, but today shouldn’t have happened and I would possibly feel a lot better had I did all the right things instead of all the bad habit things. My back should have been the only thing wrong, but even with the cold I should have at least tried some stretching or something to keep me loose.

A healthy lifestyle is learned, even if it’s the hard way. Take it from me. Avoid the hard way.


The photo is from a better day after a better workout.