When Food Can’t Be Life Anymore

I used to be invincible. At least when it came to eating. As I’ve gotten older, I noticed subtle changes. Digestive track has been changing since I was 17, but currently I think it’s getting drastic and I’m staring a harsh reality in the face.

In the month of May, I haven’t been feeling the greatest. I been exhausted some days. I been unmotivated. My digestive track isn’t as regular as it was just a month ago and my skin is feeling noticeably dry.

What did I do different from April to May? Had pizza. Had Sandwiches. Had chicken and although it wasn’t all fast food, I’m feeling it. I’m feeling it and I don’t want to feel this way.

All the above and to see my body goals level off let’s me know it’s not worth it. I can’t lose my progress. I’ve come too far to now stand still or start over.

I’m not going to make a proclamation about a hardcore lifestyle change, but I’m definitely aware of what I have to do and I’m going to do it at my pace. It’s time to refocus yet again. It’s all about health evolution and life evolution.

Here’s to the process of permanent changes.