Praying For The Youth and Understanding

I remember being 20 years old. There’s a certain invincibility that comes with that age. You feel like you know and have done so much but yet so much more life is ahead of you. A life full of growth and the unknown. I’m taking time right now to realize how blessed I am to get that 20 years plus many more as I register the news of a young artist by the name of XXX Tentacion being murdered today.

I wasn’t a fan of his, but the news of someone 20 years old, being shot and losing their life is tragic and heartbreaking. Even though he was a figure who caused a lot of conversation for both positive and negative reasons, him being murdered is not something any human being with feelings would want to see or hear about happening.

The news of the people watching and recording as he slowly dies is disturbing. I don’t understand that at all. That is soulless and frightening. How can you hear or see a shooting and not reach for your phone to get help? I will never understand that.

Right now I’m praying. Praying for the true family and friends of XXX. Praying for his true fans that are crushed by this tragic news. I’m also praying for the youth. I pray for their journey into understanding. I pray for them to have compassion, feelings and empathy. I want them to value real life more than celebrity, being “relevant” and going viral.

May God have mercy on our souls at this odd time in this world. May love be an armor that covers all of us day to day. May we live and live long and make that life mean something every single day. Amen.

RIP XXXTentacion