As a prep my return to prominence for dominance
I implore you not change your stance or subconscious
It’s obvious you listed me as finite
With no thought that maybe I might
Ascend greater than we imagined
On God’s time with restored light

Continue to not speak
Remain hard to reach
Feel the way that you said
When I wasn’t in company

Like it never was love for me
Let disgust seep through your teeth
Your harvest of hate planted
Sowed reciprocating seeds

Please remain docile in your assistance
As I emerge from your rear vision
To beaming above the land
You didn’t think we’d coexist in

Remain what I saw and experienced
A Chameleon in glass from far distance
Be what you were the day you spoke for the last time
And didn’t envision this as an instance

Stand on that vibe
Recur on that subscribe
Don’t waiver, change favor
Or befriend once I arrive

Only cause I know that’s not what’s felt inside
Your exteriors not interior
And I see troubled lights on this joyride

So Never mind…
I identify with Dennis Green
What it was is what it be
And in this thought comes serene

Again please…
Remain what I have seen
Be still in that state
As I leave you be…