Forever Media, Forever Me

I wanted to create something but my mind was all over the place. That means it’s time to talk about what’s on my mind. I’ve had several conversations about radio, corporate radio structures, podcast, online streaming radio and I’ve had so many ideas swirling that it’s really taken a toll on my mind.

At one point I really was considering returning to the corporate structure of terrestrial radio in an online “behind the scenes” capacity. I haven’t had a radio personality inspire me in years. Then it doesn’t help that I feel I’m more entertaining and create better content than at least 95% of the people in the market I currently live in. I was flirting with the idea again, then I got information about a Broadcasting classmate that is currently handcuffed by their contract and isn’t able to be as free as they would like to be outside of their career.

Freedom to move and create is so important to me. It’s one of the reasons I hated my previous situation at times. It’s hard to create when you’re angry and resentful too.

Before that, I heard and read up on the news about the Joe Budden Podcast signing an exclusive deal with Spotify. That was inspiring beyond belief. That gave me hope and made me want to invest more into the two shows that I have. It also let me know it’s still possible to do very big things with a podcast, including some things I didn’t imagine.

I love media and content creation. I love the feel of creating what I feel when I feel it and how I feel it. I love it so much that I do it for nothing and in various ways sacrifice time and money that I don’t have to do it. I don’t mind it though. This year has been one of the greatest creative spaces in my life. I can’t wait for it to manifest in different ways. My only goal now is to maintain that it’s done my way.

So with that said; I’m staying Independent in this media game until someone wants to buy into me. No more conforming for a check in the world media. Me giving myself in my purest form is what works best for me. I can’t go against that. The essence of me bleeds on ever mic I crack. I connect with people and I am building a world of appreciation and celebration. Something I never got in the “corporate game” and that’s the one thing that would have made me stay longer.

I can’t wait till I get to the live shows, the extended video content, the events, the givebacks and the monumental moments I am going to create with the phenomenal team that I will put together. It’s time to do something special.