Woke Up Feeling Like The Best…As Usual

I had a lot of thoughts and revelations in the shower this morning. One of them is that June of 2019 will mark my 10th year of being a broadcaster. Within that 10 years, I worked for full time for a corporation for 6. I’ve spent the last 5 years creating and developing podcast. 2 of them I’ve been recording back to back since winter 2017.

I’ve been very fortunate to get high profile opportunities, sit down with record label representatives and create and recap some very cool moments for die hard fans and loyal listeners.

You can’t tell me I’m not a success in this industry. I’ve achieved some remarkable things and I continue to work like I haven’t done anything. That’s the real passion and love I have for Industry. I don’t want to stop working, creating trying and breaking new ground. I’m supposed to be here and I work to prove that no matter where I work and for who that I want to be here.

I’m living in the joy of independence now. I’m creating the type of content I want with no feedback or backlash. It’s comforting to my soul when I can create without limits. I truly feel good when the canvas is blank and I can do anything I want with it. That has restored everything that was in me and things I didn’t know I had inside of me.

I feel like I’m the absolutely best in the world at what I do. People don’t like when you say that though. When you think you’re great, people confuse it with arrogance. When you’re self assured, they call you cocky and don’t believe you have humility. That’s why you got to keep working and not worry about what “they” say.

We can live life listening to those that want us to feel and be average or mediocre because they are ok with it. Those are the ones that feel threatened because they don’t try to get better and they feel they’ve already made it as far as they can go. So they try to throw that mindset on the people that want more than they ever imagine.

I’ve decided to be me at the highest level. I’m not dimming my light or holding back anymore. I was meant to be great. Greatness doesn’t hide nor can it be contained. I strive to be the best, so I should say it. It’s not to put others down, it’s to lift myself up. So when I say I’m on the best hip-hop podcast in the world it’s cause I truly believe it. Just like when I say I believe I’m the best interviewer in my market. I put in the work to talk the talk. I’m thankful for every opportunity and I work even harder to earn the next one.

If I don’t say it who will? I have to love, appreciate, support and push myself before anyone else will. I have to toot my own horn. Who’s know my theme music better than me? Some of the people that know me best and watched all my rises and falls, still don’t like and share 10% of the work I put in. I never worry about that. I just always remind myself that my greatest support comes from within and up above. And as long as I keep working, learning and earning, I can leave this earth satisfied that the job I did was well done.

Have a great morning and keep busting your ass to be the absolute best in the world at what you do!