But In Real Life, Your TV Dad’s A Rapist

What we are witnessing this week is the harsh reality of people adjusting to the fact that the man that played their father figure is a piece of shit. The reality hurts so bad that pleas are copped, victims are blamed and shamed and every conspiracy theory possible is being rehashed. Why? Because you don’t want to think and believe you were raised by a rapist. You don’t want to believe that your blueprint to successful fatherhood has that kind of dirt under his rug. Let me help you out some. Your real blueprint is as perfect as you believe he is. Why? Because Heathcliff Huxtable is a fictional character. He’s somebody that none of us have actually met in real life. Cliff can remain everything you want him to be. William Henry Cosby Jr. Well that’s a whole other story.

The face you see above you is guilt personified. It’s the “I thought I was home free” face. It’s the “I thought I paid them enough” face. It’s the face of a wrong ass dude that know it and can’t believe he’s going to spend what very well could be his final days in prison. I want to feel sad, but I can’t. Cause the reality is, it’s down right pathetic. No man should be walking this planet willing to pay off the label of rapist on his name. He should be willing to fight it to the death because he knows for a fact he didn’t do it. Because that stain doesn’t wash off in the shower. Rapist is a scar for life. William couldn’t fight that though. He can’t fight it, because he admitted it. Whether it was an episode of Larry King Live or in his 2005 deposition, Cosby made it clear that quaaludes and pin drops of potions in drinks was his shit and how he got the party started. I’ve never even spiked a drink with legal alcohol for a friend let alone a woman without her knowing so I can not and will not ever relate to why that was the cool thing to do.

Much like the world of social media does for so many fake and underhanded people, the perception of Heathcliff Huxtable took over the reality of William H Cosby Jr. Cliff will forever be the man. Bill will always be a man unworthy of any decent human beings respect.

I get it. It’s never a “Right Time” to go to Prison, but unfortunately Bill Cosby was guilty of something and
he was Black in the United States of America. For the people that scream it’s too late or “why now?” I have one question. You said you believe in Karma, right? Because many of you that want those answers are the same ones screaming “Karma’s a bad bitch” or “What goes around comes around” or “I’ll let God pay you back.” We’re not in control of the payback. We don’t decide when the debt is to be paid in full. Your karma, if you believe in it doesn’t have to come in the prime of your life or the top of your career. Sometimes it comes when all you have left is your last breath and legacy to maintain. Maybe the generation you shit on wanted to give you a parting gift, before you meet your maker.

I think Cliff Huxtable would have been open to talking to the hip-hop generation. Being a real OG and showing us a better way to be. Sharing his story of how he got out the hood and made a better way for his family. Bill Cosby shit on the hip-hop generation as an idea, a culture and as people in general. In his career twilight he took aim at the poor disenfranchised and those that wear sagging pants. Talking as if they were less than and didn’t care or want to try to climb out from where they are. It’s cool to have your opinion, but where was the olive branch with the tough love? Did he make some valid points? Yes! However, he made it clear all the black love he had to give was strictly for the TV screen, if it didn’t help him first hand.

To those of you that say, if Bill goes to prison, then this person, that person and these white people should go too! It’s not that you’re “wrong”, but here’s the exposing of the lame inside of you. Remember when Kobe Bryant had his Colorado incident? Then when he was caught, confronted and afraid of losing it all, he decided to tell how Shaq cheats on his wife? That’s what you sound like right now. Bottom line, Bill Cosby admittedly drugged women and raped them. You are caping for a rapist. You’re a misguided ignorant soul for caping for a rapist. Again “payback” and “fairness” isn’t delegated when and how you feel it should be. Get your criminal justice degree and go after all the other rapist if you feel that strongly about. But get that secondhand snitching, stool pigeon, tit for tat blame game lameness out of your heart.

Finally, to the “Now, why would Bill Cosby wanna rape her?” audience. Are you that simple to believe that rape is about physical attraction? Are you foolish enough to believe rape is about the pure arousal of your loins? Don’t answer, because you’re probably the man that thinks it’s ok to call a woman all types of “bitches” and “hoes” because she won’t give you her number. You’re probably the guy that tried to fight a woman in the club because she wouldn’t go home with you after you let her kick it at your VIP table all night. Most likely, you’re a dude that can’t wait to hit a woman in the face just as soon as you would a man if not before. It’s all layers to this sad conditioning amongst too many people called Rape Culture. That need for ultimate power. That greed of wanting what you can’t have. The thrill of taking what you want by force. It manifests itself in ugly ways for some. If you think Bill’s only problem was “trying to get a nut with a woman you don’t think is attractive” then you got a lot of learning to do about rape culture and yourself.

I hope Bill lives to be 100 if not older. He’s the black we saw crack and deteriorate. He’ll probably admit more now that he can’t be tried again. I’m not going to wish bad on him. Look at his face and his eyes. Life was slowly getting bad for Bill anyway. Wishing bad on an 81 year old fallen superstar about to do 3-10….It’s just not worth. Old Bill had the perfect gimmick though, right? I mean, who would expect a clean storytelling comic, who place a great husband, father and doctor on TV would be out her drugging and raping women. Cliff and Bill could never hang together. Cliff would have beat Bill’s ass for this horrific madness.

Now, for a scenario about your mother that you might not like.

It’s 2018. You’re an adult now and your mother has something she wants to tell you. There’s a reason why she never married or had boyfriends after your younger sibling. One night a family friend got too friendly during a house party at her place. As the party winds down, the family friend wants to have one more drink before he leaves. He prepares both, but never takes a sip. You’re mom, well, she feels “weird”. She feels like she’s blacking out, so she says “goodnight” as an effort to send the family friend home and go to sleep. She blinks twice, wakes up with her clothes torn open and no one in sight. The bed is a mess, pictures are off the wall and the TV is turned in an odd position. She calls the last person she remembers seeing before her eyes closed for the last time. The family friend. The phone just rings. She hangs up and calls right back. This can’t be discussed on a voicemail.

While the phone is ringing and she’s waiting for him to pick up; Why don’t you tell me what you think happened that night?