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Plan A or Plan A: Refocused

You know what I did the last 2 weeks?

I disregarded what my new plan A is. I can’t do that. I planned out my next 13 years with this goal. This goal is going to successfully put all of my passions and ideas together in one spot to simplify life. New Plan A is my purpose!

Other opportunities sounds cool. Yes, the need for more money is real, but what must happen is me not throwing away everything I start building 2 years ago. I need to start cashing in on time spent and relationships built. That is vital if I’m going to get where I’m trying to go.

On that note. I’m doubling down and getting 10,000% focused. I will not sidebar or get sidetracked. I want this and nothing temporary will throw me off course.

I encourage you all to do the same no matter what your goal is.

Have a Great Morning!


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