Where Passions Truly Lie

Nothing like downtime to really put things in a real perspective. I have been sitting with some thoughts. Now it’s time to test how “real” they are.

It’s becoming glaringly obvious that I’m not passionate about the same things anymore. Things like terrestrial Radio, interviewing celebrities and being a “serial entrepreneur”. These were the things I thought I really wanted out of life. Things I thought I’d do forever. They’re still cool, but not what I want to do forever or consistently for that matter.

My glaring passions include Live shows and events, stylish jackets, boots and dressy/formal attire. Add that with my podcasts and I’m in a whole new vibrant direction. These were things that I always had an affinity for and can tie them to so many stories and moments in my life. I just never thought about doing anything with them that could lead to a career. I never wanted to be a model or fashion designer, however I have always liked to look my best or like I’m the flyest human being on earth! It’s time I start channeling these passions and really making something happen with them.

I’ve always loved concerts and live shows. I think it’s the best experience for any fan of music or people. Seeing someone live can make or break their support. Providing a great live show experience is something I’ve gotten to do on a small scale and hope to make it happen on a greater scale soon.

Now the question is, how do I turn my passions into cool careers?