Sharing More Thoughts and Feelings

One thing that has never changed about me is my love for recording and my love of the Live show. I didn’t realize that until I was sitting last night thinking about the money I had made this week and was asking myself “what’s next?”

I’m desperately trying to be patient and I think I’m doing a great job of it. It’s hard to rest and be patient when you have your goals and you want to seize and opportunity but you have to let God and time do their thing. That’s why everything earned in this world must not be taken for granted.

I am so blessed to be working right now. I’m so blessed to not feel the pressure, stress, anxiety and depression that was coming over me literally just this time last year. As the blessings continue to come down, I won’t forget where I was or where I am. Because where I’m going will bring joyous tears to my eyes. I will celebrate and work like I don’t deserve it, so that every day can feel earned.

I am one step away from living a new dream. The door isn’t locked but I am being respectful and waiting for it to open.