The Real Energy Thought

“The real energy is when they’re up and you’re down”

Thought about this as I woke up today. You do see a change in many people when the energy dynamic is unbalanced and it doesn’t just mean having more to your less monetarily.

It could be they are happy and you’re sad. Some people only want your comfort or company when they are feeling low. You’re only invited to the pity party, not the parade.

Unfortunately some that are the hurt, sad and less fortunate will not be the same people when they become the healed, happy and with fortune. It’s going to be family, friends and people we admire in this space.

It’s making me realize it truly is the mindset that changes everything in people. Not the money, the new faces or opportunities. Everybody trying to escape a reality isn’t doing it with substance, but they definitely all are running from themselves.