Honing in on Your Greatness

I had a great conversation with a co-worker today about pro athletes and what it takes for them to get to the pro level and get the 100 million and up contracts in their respective sports.

Imagine one day you participate in an activity and you enjoy it so much that you want to dedicate your life to it. From that day on, it becomes your passion, drive and reason to wake up in the morning. You work tirelessly, endlessly and long after your friends and family are done. You do this activity with everyone or with no one. You put in mental and physical time into this to get better at it and make it your craft.

You master the craft. You become known as one of if not the best to do what you do where you are. You are admired and deemed to be something special, yet there is another level to climb.

You reach that level. You are now known as a professional at what you do. You are compensated beyond your wildest dreams because of what you do. What you do is something that you have loved more than anything in your life. You get to reap the reward of the discipline, hard work, dedication and determination it took to get to the much deserved payday. Now all you have to do is win and be everything you’ve always been, doing the one thing you’ve always loved.

It made me think. What do I love enough to make me go that hard and reap those kind of benefits? What would I want to do for nothing more than the love of being great at this craft that makes me happy? How do I become so great at the thing that I love to do that they pay me more than I could ever imagine? None of it is easy, but all of it is possible.

I’m thinking on this even more now. Thinking about the things I say I love to do. Thinking what is the next step for me to be a master at a craft that I love. I can’t wait to show the results of the answer.