Nipsey’s Gone…But The Marathon Continues

I been taking Nipsey’s murder to heart. I don’t want to waste any more time. I’m not with this back and forth over how he died. I’m not with the bickering over who’s been a fan and for how long.

My thought is this. If you listened to Nipsey Hussle’s music and his death hasn’t flipped the switch in you to start a business or organization, you did’t get it. If you aren’t motivated to inspire and speak life into your situation, you weren’t paying attention. If your energy is negative over his memory, you have no clue what was playing in your presence.

It’s time to dedicate, hustle and motivate. We have a job to do. It was bigger than one man and his voice. We are all supposed to be the “Nipsey Hussle” of our community. Failure to understand that is a disrespect to his legacy.