Am I Scaring The Money Away?

I look at some of my old IG pics and cringe! Why? Cause I was out here looking pretty bogus appearance wise. Unkept hair, scraggily scruffy chin piece. I really wasn’t trying to make myself easy on the eyes. I see why I never really got far in that respect. A better presentation would have done me a great service. You can look unique and still look good. Pride in appearance attracts money. I look like I was scaring the money away.

Although I felt they were “good enough” at the time, I definitely see why ultimately they should come down. I’m trying to build Tall, Fly and Sexy brand here. I can’t be looking any kind of way on social media. It’s time I really double down on investing in myself from an appearance standpoint. It’s only going to make things greater later.

I can’t be out here scaring the money away man! I got too much going on that needs a financial hand. If I get a 3rd job I doubt I’ll have time to create, so we got to look like we want a payday to come our way. It’s going to be a great year of self investments and better pictures, lol!