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I Woke Up Early on My Born Day

4:21 to be exact. What a blessing it is to be alive on my 38th Birthday. I know too many friends and family who literally didn’t it make to even an hour before this moment or the day of. It’s a constant reminder to make the most of my time.

I so inspired and encouraged to LIVE! Although I am celebrating life, I can’t help but think, I’m going to die one day and when this game of life is over, I don’t want to look my God in the face and we both know, I didn’t leave it all on the floor.

I’m on a mission to turn every “What If” to “Remember When” whether good or bad. I’m going to do everything on my mind and whether I pass or fail, it’s going to be a beautiful chapter in my life. Unpacking and processing the last 37 years has been therapeutic. It’s truly showing me who I was and who I want to be. I can not wait to show myself to the world in all my glory!

38! The Snub Nose! 2 BEFORE 40! I feel better than ever, I’ve officially tapped into my potential and I think I’m SEXY AF!!! It’s truly a beautiful time! This year we prepare for new experiences. We face fear. We leap. We indulge, delight and enjoy in everything this one life puts in our way and we make it the blueprint of our life till death.

Yeah, I’ve lived an interesting and beautiful life, but now it’s time to turn up. By the number, 38 is not a milestone, but mentally it’s one of the most important years of my life. The last 5 years I have fed my mind some amazing things. It’s now time I put those amazing things into action.

Welp, time to celebrate! I want all the love I can get today and in every form! I would also love to give it back! If you acknowledge me and my life today, know I truly do love you for it. Thank you!

Check out my beautiful new site though!

And we can’t forget my Tees!

Then my book! Officially 1 year old today! #LivingInABeautifulDisaster

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THERE! 380 Words! Love.


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