Almost 2 Hours: Writers Snippet

The picture attached to the post is a moment. A moment that believe it or not was hard to create. One the most challenging things I’ve experience in life is being a father. Not because I don’t want to be or because I not or wasn’t ready to be, but because I have to deal with a person who does’t want to be fair and compromise.

I’m constantly ran through the ringer. Made to jump through hoops and take whatever is given to me. I historically have to deal with the hand dealt or “don’t play the game”. It sucks. It hurts. I can’t believe I got myself into this situation, but then again it makes perfect sense. Why would I expect anything different from such a selfish person? This was never about me. It was never about me being the best father I could be. Why? Because someone wants to prove they are the ultimate person of control. And if they can’t get what they want then nobody else can either.

For court orders sake and because I lack legal representation, I won’t say much more here, but understand that absolutely nothing will stop me from being the father I want to be.