Disappointing Myself

Image by engin akyurt from Pixabay

This weekend, I let myself down. I let another human being, take me off my square. That person got me out of my aura and energy and took control of some of that along with my focus and time. I hate myself for that. I can’t believe I let that happen. It just proves I still got more growing to do. I’m elevating to a higher frequency and it wasn’t until this issue was complete that I realized how much of a low vibration it brought me to.

I absolutely can not let any human being have more control over my focus, energy and my time than I do. I can’t be overly consumed with another persons actions. I can control me. Not anyone one else on earth. I hate some of my thoughts and actions this weekend. I hate who I allowed myself to be and who it was for, but I’ve beat myself up about it enough. Now, we move forward. I don’t know if I passed this test, but even in failure, I learned. It will get even harder to steal my joy, my focus and my time.

The next test will be a breeze!