A Different Taco 🌮 Spot

The first attempt at breaking up my routine has officially been completed! I took it upon myself to do something different and try something new and I’m very proud of myself for taking even this small step.

It’s a nice Friday and a payday and my work environment was really getting to me. First thing I said was “I’m taking a break!” The next question was, where to? In my mind, I thought of the usual suspects for those rare occasions I do go to lunch. I even thought about going home since I don’t live that far, but that really didn’t entice me as much either.

Then I started googling the things I was to put into my regular diet. So I began searching for places to buy Elk and Bison. One spot that came up I’ve been to and like it, but I really didn’t want to spend that much money for a lunch break. Especially when I would most likely have to rush instead of taking my time and enjoying the full experience. Still haven’t found a place that’s not a grocery store to buy Elk, so if you know of one please put it in the comments. I’m in the west burbs of Chicago.

Then it dawned on me! I haven’t had tacos in a while! But I didn’t want regular tacos. I was trying to find a place that sold Salmon Tacos. I was unsuccessful, but it did prompt me to try a new place. A place I had unknowingly been passing by for probably years and never knew it. I checked out their taco menu, which was extensive and very reasonably priced and said, “I’m going! Why not? I been saying I would do something different anyway!”

Grant it; Going to get Steak and Fish tacos wasn’t a total brand new thing for me. But this change in routine brought on a few new instances.

Randomly trying a new restaurant
Taking a different route than I normally would for a lunch break
Seeing new and different faces I never seen before
Tasting the tacos of a place that I didn’t know existed

Small wins in the aspect of changing my routine. If I had an extra few hundred dollars and no work tomorrow, I’d plan another routine change right now on a train somewhere!

It honestly felt good to do something that I normally don’t do. A chance to sit and take in a moment that is probably not life changing, but the boost it gave me definitely put me on an emotional high that I needed for today. I look forward to the next change in routine. Maybe I’ll call or text a friend and see if I can come by and hang for a minute, just to have that interpersonal moment.

By the way, the tacos were good! Not my new favorite place, but I’ll definitely return. I probably didn’t take the best picture of these, but hey; Maybe a few more changes in routine will result in better pictures!