Energy Never Lies

Throughout each and every one of our lives, people will come in and out. We don’t know why or what for at the time of meeting them, we just know the reason will reveal itself soon. Some of those people will fade in and out of your life. You may realize that they come in at some of the best or worst times. You may not notice it in real time. It may take a moment of step back and reflection. When you recognize when they appear it may be best to keep them close or part ways forever. Throughout it all, the one thing that is very consistent is the energy.

The energy exchanged from people that you are in tune with never lies. You can tell when people love and respect you. You can tell when people can’t stand you and don’t want you around. You can feel a person holding back words, feelings or purposely being elusive and aloof to your conversation and your energy. Part of feeling that is being in tune with yourself.

When you know who you want to be for yourself and to another person, you’ll either be met with open arms or resistance. It’s on you to recognize and ask that person about their reception to your energy. Now, people will holdback, lie or try to shift a false shield of energy up. It may be to spare feelings, but it will always lead to an awkward phase and poor or dying communication. My recommendation is don’t force yourself on a person or situation. Let time takeover to let the truth breathe.

Energy has become one of my greatest test of patience. For years I have wondered why my brain moves and responds the way it does. Present day I am learning the why and how in many cases, the jolts of energy I felt wasn’t wrong.

I know that disinclined “Nah, we cool” or “Of course we’re friends” radiating in person or through text.
I feel that resistant “Hey, good to hear from you” or even “I’d love to have you back here” over the phone.

Sometimes I play with that energy to see how far a person will take it. Other times I get right to the bottom line to save lies and time. I also make it a point to make my energy felt and for my words to match my energy. I just don’t believe in going through the motions, pretending that it’s all good or acting like the current state of affairs is all good. I skip some happy birthdays on purpose. I unfriend and unfollow people randomly. I visit pages of people that I know in real life that no longer communicate with me in real life, but won’t unfollow me. It’s all an energy test. It tells me more than I need to know sometimes.

Get in tune with your energy this week and every week after. Take a deep breath and live in the moment of a conversation as it is happening. Then take a moment to process whatever you remember from the interaction that just happened. It could be the answer to all your questions.

Image by Jonny Lindner from Pixabay