Warm BBQ 😕

Its’ Tuesday and I burned through all of the snacks I brought to work well before 11:30. As my hunger would be anything but satisfied, I knew I was going to make a move. So today’s routine change would involve a trip to get some BBQ. Summer and BBQ are two of God’s greatest creations. This is a magical moment in the making, right?!

As I looked through food options today, my usual suspects became glaring. They weren’t craved, but they were at the front of my mind. I ignored those thoughts with one mission; Try something different. I even thought “get tacos” since it’s Tuesday, but I didn’t think that would lead to “new adventure” seeing how I just went to get tacos this past Friday. With time I thought about a BBQ place that was mentioned to me with a very positive review. I went on their site, anticipated a light lunch meal, but didn’t see prices, so I opted to hop in the car and go check out the restaurant first hand.

It was further than I wanted to drive for lunch but honestly no big deal. My mind was telling me “stop somewhere closer so you can get back with more time” but I was committed to making this happen.

I get to restaurant and check out the menu and prices. The original meal I seen online ended up being way more than I wanted to spend for lunch, so I simplified it. I ordered a beef brisket sandwich and some fries, to go. This is where the story truly begins.

I see the brisket being chopped and my first thought is, “that doesn’t look hot.” Then it dawns on me that it doesn’t smell like BBQ in here. It’s nice and clean, but I like a BBQ restaurant to smell like sauce or meat when I arrive. Could just be a “me thing” but I didn’t take points away for that. The next step was check out.

The lady at the register hears my order and says “Do you want another side? It would be cheaper.”
I say, really? How much cheaper?
Her response, Well look at the sign.
Instantly turned off by that, especially being a first time visitor, I just say “Naw, I’m good”, now honestly ready to walk out with nothing at this point.

She tries to do the mental math and now she isn’t sure if it’s more or less, but it doesn’t matter because I just want to get what I ordered and keep it moving. She takes my card and spends a good 3 minutes if not more trying to process it. She lets me know it doesn’t have a chip on it. I’m aware of that and still don’t understand what the issue is. It should be easier just like it is anywhere else I use this card.

I finally get rung out and the woman who took my order alerts me of the different BBQ sauces at the station in the corner. The woman executing less than desirable customer service tells me it’s free ice cream over there too. I pick out what is their “spicy BBQ sauce” and head out.

The sauce is so hot it’s melting the plastic container I put it in. I like that! I get to the car and can’t wait to give this a chance. The brisket sandwich looks great but smaller than expected. I poured my hot sauce over the brisket, put the bun on top, take a nice bite and my immediate thought was “this is warm”. It’s good, but it’s warm. I really wanted a hot bbq sandwich. My fries were hot, but I definitely needed some salt or any kind of seasoning on them. In the end, this wasn’t the worst experience I had, but far from the best. Maybe going in there when I got more time and can sit down my dinning experience will improve. Factoring in, price, portion size, temperature of food and customer service; I’ll give this experience a 6. No need for praise or slander. I’ll try something different next trip.

Even though most of my time was travel, I did get a chance to check out a YouTube video that lifted my spirits and mood for the day, which is also why I wouldn’t let this experience bring me down.

They can’t all be winners. I look forward to my next attempt to change my routine.