“Still Skinny Fat”: A Self Love Story

Today I went for a physical to get a discount for my insurance and I got disappointment yet encouraging news. That news was that I am back up to over 250 pounds. Yeah I had my clothes and belt on…but they weren’t 15 or more pounds! Although I was very disappointed in myself, it made other things make sense. My new fatigue issues, sleeping later and missing my workouts and of course looking at myself with more displeasure than delight the last couple months.

The lifestyle of maintaining a fit body is difficult when you don’t see consistent results. I have to decide today that my want for a great body and most importantly great health has to be bigger than the discouragement I have when I don’t see results. I been saying I want a “Ravishing Rick Rude Body” for years now and although the last year has been closer than ever, I am definitely a lot farther than I want to be.

My doctor told me to lose 13 pounds and try to get 150 minutes of exercise a week. Challenge accepted. I really want to crush that 13 lbs by the end of the month!I was so disappointed and motivated by today’s news that I went for my first mile run of the year. I used to start running in Spring; Now it’s almost fall and I’m just now taking my first run. That’s a glaring sign that I haven’t kept my promise to myself to get in the best shape of my life. It’s ok though. I’ve recognized the failure and now it’s time to make it fuel for the fire I have to get back to where I left off and take it further.

My next task is to find some lifting routine that turns my belly fat into lean muscle. It’s time I stop falling short on the biggest self love challenge of my life; My Health and Wellness.