I just want to be myself…
No brand or persona
No idea or theory
No need to sell the visual
Just as I am, me.

Is that feasible for my dreams?
Can I really be me?
Is it possible that I’m still desirable
When it’s only the core they see?

Can I not post frequently
Not joke a tee-he-he
“Fake love” in every comment section
And still be allowed to “Be”

I want to keep my family private
Be explicit with my speech
Smoke on occasion
Be an unfiltered freak

I’m not asking if it’s cool
I’m asking if I can exist
Will it make you feel away?
Can I not talk my shit?

I just want to be myself…
It starts with living my own mind
The internet isn’t life
But maybe we’ll meet one time

Image by JL G from Pixabay