Material Splurge

I been hopping on different websites looking at things. Clothes, cars, gadgets, train and plane tickets. I been looking and it’s been satisfying something inside of me. I’m looking at these things as rewards and experiences. They are symbols of celebration to me. I want to have those things. Not to say I have them, but to be satisfied with the work I have put in.

I wouldn’t value these things more than people. I wouldn’t think these things solidify that I am a success, but I do want to celebrate myself and a job well done.

In my lifetime, I’ve worked a lot of jobs. I’ve worked hard for hours, days, weeks and months. All that to only be rewarded when they said so. Only to be celebrated when they felt it was needed. I need to get better and self gratification. Getting because I can and it’s for me. I take the time, I make the sacrifice, so I want to reap a reward.

2020. I splurge on me. It’s been a long time and I look forward to it.

Image by Mondschwinge from Pixabay