Am I Paranoid or Focused?

I been feeling a need to guard and protect my thoughts and things. I can’t truly explain where it came from. All I know is that I have been extremely worried about the energy, reaction and visibility of some of the moves I’m making and the thoughts I have.

I like safe secure places of expression. I feel this is one of those places. Beyond here, as far as the internet goes, I won’t be saying much else. I’m going to pray on this recent heightened paranoia though. It’s not good to feel like things may be working against you. Especially things you can’t see or think is tangible. You shouldn’t even be focused on that. The focus should always be on the plan and the goal in place.

Maybe that’s it. Maybe I’ve become so plan focused and goal orientated that I just don’t want any distractions or audibles called by others not on my plan. It felt better just saying it that way.

Happy Tuesday

Image by PixelAnarchy from Pixabay