Just Do It…Ok Done!

Alex Cherry "Aenima"

My mind is in an odd space and has been for quite a while. I’m needing that hack and change in routine on a new level. I need less opinion, commentary, but more focus and execution. I need to draw out a plan and do some positive forward moving things for me.

So, I deleted some of my Social Media Apps again. Something about October that makes me feel like I should do it. This may start becoming an annual thing. Last time I left and stayed gone for 30 days. This time, I’m not giving myself a time limit. I’m just going to leave and come back when I feel like it. I got so much on my mind and I got to process it and get it out. It’s so important to take care of yourself mentally and understand your thoughts feelings and emotions.

YouTube and WordPress for me until…Information and an outlet is all I need. Talk soon!