First Weightlifting Week In!


October is becoming a great and challenging time! I’m here for it all! Of course I’m doing the fasting but I was also given a 5 day weightlifting routine that has been pushing me to every limit!

The first week was pure struggle! I got to day 3 and was in so much pain that I couldn’t continue. The workouts were great, but I was feeling like I had never lifted a weight in my life! I took my time, got my rest and hit Monday hard and officially completed my 5th work out this morning!

I’m spent! I’m in slow motion and trying to muster up enough strength to continue my weekend. It’s hard and I love it! These are the days I need. I must hit 215lbs before this decade ends. I must continue doing things the smart and efficient way. I’m putting cardio in 3rd place as I zero in on my nutrition and weight training. So far I love the results and it’s only the beginning.

8 lifting days total for the month. 1 full week of of lifting officially in! 235lbs or less is the goal! Lets go all in!