Mind Tricks…


Is it the chase or patience?
What you can do but…
Don’t feel you can cause of the way life is
You want to vacate, walk away or flee
But don’t because of bills, scrutiny and luxury
Perception is the killer of many young and old
As a prisoner of my own thoughts on many occasions I know

I’m losing the battle in my own mind
Haunted by the success I’ve never seen
Wanting to be more than what I am
Wondering why many believe but never help me
Is it all smoke and fallacy?
Do the many truly give a damn about me?
Am I thinking and doing too much
Thus never finding what’s right for me

What do you do when you believe you can do anything?
It’s got to be more than “something”
It doesn’t count to “maintain” and “make a way”
You have to move and achieve with gumption
I need to be great and happy
Understand sacrifice is now
Hell, I’ve sacrificed enough time coming to this decision now